Welcome to Millfield Fitness Studio

Our aim is to provide you with a more personal service and encourage all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Millfield Fitness Studio bridges the gap between community fitness classes & corporate gyms, offering support and a more personal touch that clients need when joining exercise classes.

We want our clients to feel supported, enjoy their workouts and see a transformation in their body shape.

Millfield Fitness Studio was established in August 2011 and since then we have continued to add more classes and services to suit our customers needs.

Our classes are for clients wanting to know exactly how to move/exercise correctly, effectively and have great fun doing it!!

We welcome Women, men of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio soon :)

Debbie Jenkins & Lucy Nickson

Millfield Fitness Studio Director’s 



Millfield Fitness Studio is a great places for taking part in a wide variety of classes. The atmosphere is very friendly and approachable. Debbie is very welcoming and supports individuals in their health and fitness goals.
Emma Hay
Debbie runs an amazing studio, her team always make you feel welcome and able to achieve anything. I love going!
Jeanette Hutchinson


About Us


Group Fitness Studio offering various fitness classes for all levels, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, One to One Training, Boot Camp Fitness & Nutrition Courses, Venue Hire and Children's Birthday Parties.

Based at Millfield Fitness Studio at Devonshire Court, Green Lane Trading Estate York YO30 5PQ Facilities include Group Fitness Studio, Mind Body Studio, Training / Meeting Room, Juice / Smoothie Bar, Treatment Room & Party Venue Hire.

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5 Devonshire Court
Green Lane Trading Estate,
Clifton, York,
North Yorkshire YO30 5PQ

+44 (0)1904 593481

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You can have your cake & eat it (occasionally)
Warning a fair few f bombs in here so hope it doesn't offend

Can't We Just Eat Real Cake?! I love cake. I grew up eating great cake. My wife bakes a delicious cake at least once a week, so thanks to her, I still enjoy eating great cake. And because it is CAKE... not salad... or fruit... or fresh veg... I know that I should only have it occasionally. Once a week, maybe twice, certainly no more. I mean... it's f**king cake, right?! And everyone knows if you eat too much of it... YOU GET FAT!! Thankfully, I haven't got fat eating cake, because I eat, and enjoy cake, occasionally. ______________ But when I meet my obese clients. When I look at their food diaries for the first time I notice something quick shocking. They don't eat any real cake!! In fact, they completely FEAR real cake. "Real Cake?! Oh no I don't eat real cake! It's far too calorific and fattening! I gave up real cake years ago!" Nope. No real cake on their food diaries. But what I do see... daily... sometimes even twice a day... is... SLIMMING WORLD CAKE. Cake made of all kinds of weird sh*t, like quark and muller lights and scan bran and splenda. The truth?? These freakish, f**ked up, bullsh*t versions of cake are actually FAR WORSE than the real deal!! But in my obese client's warped mindset... Because it's a "Slimming World Cake"... It's ok to ram a truck load of it in EVERY DAY!! When I suggest to them politely... "Banoffee pie isn't a great evening snack, and if you're having a slice or two a night, it's not going to help your fat loss." They reply... "Oh don't worry Liam! This isn't a real banoffee pie!! It's a Slimming World banoffee pie! It's made of low-fat digestive biscuits, low-fat spread, quark, toffee mullerlights and sweetener. There's no fat or sugar in it at all, so it's basically FREE!!" Inside I punch myself in the face 5 times. Then I calmly ask them... "Oh I see. So Slimming World taught you that because all the normal ingredients have been replaced with low-fat, low-sugar versions, it's 'FREE' so you can eat it daily, sometimes even twice a day, is that right?!" And they reply... "Exactly!! So I can eat more of it!" ___________ People wonder why I slate Slimming World. I slate Slimming World because they teach people to live in complete and utter FEAR of real cake. Something that everyone should be able to enjoy and not feel guilty, or feel like a failure, for eating. I slate Slimming World... Because they use words like "FREE", which encourages their food addicted members to binge on bullsh*t, freakish versions of foods that are far worse than real deal. I slate Slimming World... Because they drive GUILT around food... "Oh you must never eat real cake! Ever!!" At the same time as teaching people... "But it's ok to eat Slimming World cake every day!!" I mean... What the f**k is that all about?!! "Don't eat real cake, eat our sh*tty cake instead." ???? ___________ Real cake... Good old fashioned cake... Eaten occasionally... Never made anyone fat. Slimming World cake, eaten daily, is driving food addiction, binge eating and ultimately OBESITY. "But they're not sticking to the plan properly Liam!" Yes, it's common sense to not eat cake daily. But when you're ADDICTED to food and taught that their version of cake is FREE, it is always... always... going to be abused. And the scariest part? They f**king know it. And the criminal part? They do f**k all about it, because they're too busy making millions to care that their plan is being abused. Then I meet Becky, 20+ stone, diabetic, depressed and I have to pick up the f**king pieces!! I have to spend a month... maybe two... Undoing all the bullsh*t they've taught her. I got into personal training to get people FIT. Not to have to undo the damage... And the BAD NUTRITION... Taught by the likes of Slimming World. Step 1 in undoing this damage? EAT REAL F**KING CAKE. Liam www.rebelfit.co.uk p.s. Maybe we should a Rebelfit cake day, where we all make proper f**king cakes, just to prove the point?!

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