Our Energy classes are all about Group Fitness, Music, Fun and Effective exercise. 

These classes use music as their core focus and are more like the traditional Exercise to music classes you see in studios and in community halls across the UK. We however like to make our classes more personal with smaller class numbers to ensure more personal attention and the feeling of a supportive community.

Legs, Bums and Tum’s 

This 45 minute classes starts with an aerobic or Step style warm Up before conditioning those stubborn thighs, butt and tummy muscles using bodyweight or resistance based exercises.


45 Minute Ballet inspired Aerobics, Pilates, conditioning and toning class. Set to motivating music to raise your heart rate, before working on strengthening your arms, thighs, butt and core at the ballet barre or using floor/mat work.

HIIT/Boot Camp 

30 Minute High Intensity, Cardio and Conditioning filled interval class. Every 20-40 seconds you will change exercise with short rest periods to increase both your aerobic fitness and condition your arms, legs and core in one HIT! Both High and Low impact exercise options offered to make this class adaptable for a variety of fitness levels.

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Upcoming Classes


6.15–7.00am - Group PT
9.15-10.00am - Group PT
10.15-11.00am - Stretch & Tone
11.15-12.00 - Mum Baby Fitness
5.30-6.15pm - Warm Yin Yoga
5.45-6.30pm - Group PT
6.45-7.30pm - LBT
6.30-7.15pm - Hot Vinyasa Yoga
7.45-8.30pm - Group PT
7.30-8.15pm - Improvers Hot Yoga

9.15-10.15pm - Equipment Pilates
10.15-11.00am - Barre Concept
11.15-12.00 - YogaPilates
12.15-1.15pm - Equipment Pilates
5.30-6.30pm - Pilates
6.30-7.15pm - Kettlebells
6.30-7.15pm - Pilates
7.30-8.30pm - Yoga For Overwhelm
7.30-8.15pm - Barre Concept

6.15-7.00am - Group PT
9.15-10.00am - Group PT
5.30-6.15pm - HIIT Pilates
6.30-7.15pm - Legs, Bums & Tums
6.30-7.30pm - Ashtanga Foundations
7.30-8.15pm - Group PT
7.45-8.45pm - Ashtanga Improvers

9.30-10.30am - Equipment Pilates
10.30-10.45am - HIIT
11.00-11.45am - Pilates with Props
12.00-1.00pm - Equipment Pilates
5.30-6.15pm - Pilates
6.30-7.15pm - Barre Concept
7.30-8.15pm - YogaPilates

6.15-7.00am - Group PT
9.00-10.00am - Equipment Pilates
9.15-10.00am - Group PT
10.15-11.00am - Vinyasa Yoga
11.15-12.00 - Mum & Baby Fitness

8.00-8.30am - Boot Camp/HIIT
8.30-9.15am - Hot Vinyasa Yoga
9.30-10.15am - Hot Hatha Yoga

5.00-6.00pm - Slow Flow Yoga

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