Group Personal Training

What is Group Personal Training?

We looked at the advantages and benefits of Personal Training and created a programme that works very closely to the same principles as one to one but in a small more sociable group format.

This programme will make you more accountable, provide planned, consistent and highly effective workouts to get you better results. Being in a small group also helps to keep you motivated and everyone can help support each other during the workouts and in our exclusive private facebook support group.

We provide….

  • Highly Effective 45 Minute Fat Loss Workouts

  • Different workouts each session to keep you motivated and keep the workouts varied

  • The ability to Transform your Body Shape!!

  • A Nutrition Plan with NO Calorie counting, meal replacement or starving yourself. Learn how to eat a balance of a variety of foods while still being able to enjoy treats!!

  • The Opportunity to workout with other like minded people and get better results!!

  • Increased fitness levels with progressive workouts from our specialist Group PT Coaches

  • A No EGO, Private, friendly studio where all shapes, sizes and ability levels are welcome!

 What is Included in our Group Personal Training Programmes

  • Welcome one to one to welcome you to the Programme, set your goals, take your start up Measurements/Photos.
  • Unlimited Weekly Fat Loss Workouts with other like minded women supporting each other
  • Group PT Starter Pack including our Group Personal Training Manual & Results Tracker eBooks
  • Fit Food and Drinks Guides (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Snack ideas)
  • Goal setting and progress monitoring with Fitness Assessments & Body Stats (Measurements & Progress Photographs)
  • Private Facebook Support Group with access to further resources, recipes, technique videos & a variety of Yoga, Pilates & Group PT Home Workouts to use when on holiday or if you miss any session’s
  • Support from your instructor with regular contact to keep you motivated and make sure your turning up!!
  • Choice of Early Morning, Mid Morning & Evening Workout Time slots
  • Access to our Group Fitness Classes and Mind Body Programme (including our Hot & Unheated Yoga & Pilates Classes) helping aid recovery, improve mobility & core strength
  • Money back guarantee!! If you attend at least 3 weekly sessions each month, follow our nutritional guidelines and don’t see RESULTS we will give you a full refund!

Group Personal Training Timetable

6.15-7.00am – Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s – FULLY BOOKED until November 2020

9.15-10.00am – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – FULLY BOOKED until November 2020

5.30-6.15pm – Monday and Wednesdays

7.30-8.15pm Monday’s and 7.00-7.45pm Wednesday’s

8.00-8.30am Saturday’s – Express 30 Minute Workout

Start Up Dates

To ensure you progress through the programme and the workouts gradually and at the right level for you are required to start each 4, 12 Week or 12 Month Programme on our specific start dates.


  • 5th Oct
  • 2nd Nov

How is Group Personal Training Different to our other classes?

Our Group PT Programme differs to our group fitness classes as your progress is regularly monitored ensuring you continue to improve and progress.

With varied workouts each session and using a format that works your body in the most efficient way over 45 minutes, we can achieve massive fitness and body shape improvements.

COMMITMENT is essential when wanting to achieve outstanding results! By paying up front you are making a commitment and will be more motivated to attend consistently than if you pay as you go!

Body transformation cannot be achieved by attending 1 weekly class, it requires a more consistent frequency of training. Our tried and tested model of weekly progressive session’s ensures you achieve this consistent quantity of training but also allows adequate recovery time between workouts.

By showing us commitment we will take care of delivering varied, effective and progressive workouts each week. Our programme gives you the same standard of support & motivation you would receive with a personal trainer with the added support of training alongside other like minded women to help you get the results you want!!

Group Personal Training Packages –



4 Weeks of Group Personal Training

4 Week Kick Start Payment –

Follow the PayPal Link below to sign up for our next 4 Week Block

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£71.00 /month or £710.00 paid in full
12 Months of Group Personal


Transform in 12 Monthly Payment Sign Up NOW – 

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T&Cs – Your first payment will be £71.00 followed by 11 further monthly payments of £71.00 to terminate this agreement we will require written notice 1 month before your 12 months is due to expire. Please be aware this membership option is discounted each month compared with the 4 week block to reward you for your commitment, you are signing up for a 12 month plan and once the first month is paid the further payments will be made by monthly standing order or via paypal subscription. You will receive your membership form with your online booking login.

Transform in 12 Paid in Full Sign Up NOW –

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12 Months of Group Personal Training for the price of 10!!

As a thank you for committing to 12 Months you receive extra features –

  • Extra Recipe Guides & Support Manuals
  • Unlimited Group Fitness & Mind Body (Yoga & Pilates) Classes
  • 10% off Millfield Fitness Shop, The Health & Events Workshops & Retreats, Discount Vouchers for our Sports Massage & Beauty Therapist

Frequently asked questions?

I’m unfit and have never done Group Personal Training before, will I be able to do it?

The answer to this is YES! We adapt the session’s to suit various levels of fitness and using a time based format ensures all abilities can work at their own required pace. The session’s are designed to progressively improve your fitness levels so we will not expect you to be at a particular level before starting.

What if I’m the most unfit person in the group?

Every new client has this thought at first! We are there to support you through the workouts and other clients will also help motivate you. This is why working out with groups works so well as you are encouraged and supported by everyone to keep going. Also working with the same group of people each session allows you to get to know each other and help support each other better.

I’m too old for Group PT?

We have a huge variety of ages, ability levels attending our session’s with the average age range of 25-58. Our instructors support each person through the workouts and ensure everyone is working within their individual capability.

What do I wear for Group PT?

Clothing that allows for good range of movement such as jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts with a workout top or t-shirt. Good fitting cross trainers or similar for footwear and bring along a small hand towel and water.